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Edu Net Solutions: Inclusion Through Accessibility

Edu Net Solutions is a web development company that specialises in creating high-quality and policy compliant school websites for governmental and educational bodies and organisations. We pride ourselves on providing superior support.

Our main vision is to help all sectors of our community achieve digital accessibility. We believe that accessibility is vital to maintaining best industry practices as it ensures that all users have the optimal experience when using websites.

In particular, we are passionate about bringing web accessibility to public and private schools. Why schools? Because we want to ensure that all students and families have equitable access to the web. In South Australia, we are the only company that develop accessible websites for schools.

Policy Compliant School Websites

Our commitment to accessibility is second to none. In 2019, we have demonstrated this by developing a website platform that achieved Level AA compliance, audit conducted by Vision Australia.

We were also the only privately owned web development company in Adelaide that contributed to the South Australian Government’s Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit launched on 16th May 2019.

This policy is for all public-facing government websites including schools websites, which means that ALL the Department for Education schools websites must be policy compliant or must be made accessible to people with disabilities. Is your school website accessible?

Edu Net Solutions are proud to be the first web development company in South Australia that offers accessible school websites.

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We Are a Company of Passionate Web Developers and IT Professionals Committed to creating Department for Education Policy Compliant School Websites


Small Schools Association of South Australia home page image

Small Schools Association of South Australia

“Kirio has been excellent to work with. He speedily makes changes or additions to the website when asked. He is keen to have our site looking good, informative and accessible. A great support to our association.”

Sue Billet, SSASA President

Yalata Anangu School logo

Yalata Anangu School

“The process of developing a new website has been smooth and professional with excellent customer service. They are adaptable and supportive of changes which I found to be very beneficial as we developed the new site. I would recommend the Edu Net Solutions team.”

Sharon Diglio, Principal

Machu Pichu

Ancient Explorer

“I highly recommend Edu Net Solutions! Kirio and his team developed a wonderful and accessible website for my education-related business and continue to provide the best IT advice and ongoing support as my business evolves.”

Dr Lisa Dunbar Solas, NSW.

What We Offer


We provide specialized website design and development to schools compliant with the department and the South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy


We have created a detailed website development platform which was audited by Vision Australia to make the web development process easier



If you want to maintain your website yourself we provide the hosting with unlimited bandwidth and email hosting

School Website Development Framework

To help state and national schools achieve inclusion through digital accessibility, we have developed a website development platform, which was audited by Vision Australia. This platform forms the foundation of our School Website Development Framework.

Level AA Accessibility Compliance

On 30th April 2019 Edu Net Solutions achieved Level AA accessibility compliance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 specification from Vision Australia, making us the first web development company in South Australia offering accessible websites to the Department for Education schools, private schools and public sector organisations.

Statement of Accessibility for Edu Net Solutions

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