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Edu Net Solutions was founded by Kirio Crespo, the former Technology Director and mastermind of the original, often imitated and long time dissolved Edu Web Solutions – EWS. Building on the original business concept, Edu Net Solutions has evolved into a ‘one-stop shop’ offering a multitude of services that meet all tech needs of schools and small businesses.

What truly sets Edu Net Solutions apart from the others, it’s that we are an innovative and progressive web development company that specialises in web accessibility. It is our vision to develop great looking websites that are accessible to all!

Web accessibility is at the core of our business, we believe that modern websites must be inclusive otherwise they fail on their objective. Our websites must pass the most basic of accessibility tests such the colour contrast validator and the screen reader test.

It’s our is mission to bring web accessibility to the education sector in particular to schools. Why schools? Because there is huge void for accessible websites in schools. In South Australia we are the only ones who develop the most accessible websites that pass the tests just mentioned.

Our Information technology technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals, so you can be rest assured you will receive the best possible service.

We Are a Company of Passionate Web Developers and IT Professionals Committed to Schools and Small Business


Marion Primary School

“Working with Kirio at Edu Net Solutions has been smooth sailing at every stage. Patient listening and understanding on Kirio’s part to what we wanted and creating a website that represents our vision and values has been an enjoyable process.”
Cheryl Ross, Principal

Ancient Explorer

“I highly recommend Edu Net Solutions! Kirio and his team developed a wonderful and accessible website for my education-related business and continue to provide the best IT advice and ongoing support as my business evolves.”

Dr Lisa Dunbar Solas, NSW.

Padthaway Primary School

“ENS has provided an efficient and professional service. We have been very impressed with the services of Edu Net Solutions.”

Olivia English, Director



We provide specialized website design and development to schools compliant and business with W3C, Vision Australia and The Federal Government’s Digital Services Standard


We provide IT support and development to schools with their Wi-Fi, App development with every website, computer networks and complete infrastructure solutions



If you want to maintain your website yourself we provide the hosting with unlimited bandwidth and email hosting.

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