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Welcome to Edu Net Solutions, a premier web development company located in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in creating highly functional and visually appealing websites tailored specifically for schools.

With our expertise in the field of web design and development, we understand the unique requirements of educational institutions and strive to deliver services and products that meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, and administrators alike.

Two students at Clare Primary School

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Clare Primary School


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Twins from Lake Wangary School

Customise Your Website

Our dedicated team of skilled designers and developers collaborate closely with each school to ensure that the website reflects their unique brand identity, showcases their academic programs, and provides an intuitive user experience.

We integrate cutting-edge technologies and implement responsive design principles to ensure seamless accessibility across all devices.

Whether you need an information-packed website, an interactive student portal, or a robust content management system, our company is committed to crafting a digital presence that not only engages and informs, but also fosters an atmosphere of learning and collaboration.

Trust us to bring your school’s vision to life in the virtual realm, empowering you to connect with your community in innovative ways and make a lasting impact on the education landscape.

Keyboard displaying a wheelchair key on the enter key.

Policy Compliant School Websites

Have you heard of the South Australian Government’s Online Accessibility Policy?

Following the policy, all South Australian public facing government websites, including schools websites, must be accessible to people living with disabilities.

Edu Net Solutions is committed to helping our clients achieve inclusivity through web accessibility.

We are proud to be the first web development company in South Australia to offer accessible school websites.

In 2019, we developed a website platform that achieved Level AA compliance in an audit conducted by Vision Australia.

Is your school website accessible? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Statement of Accessibility to Edu Net Solutions