Kirio Crespo

Web Accessibility Specialist

And Information Technologist

I’m Kirio Crespo, I’m a web accessibility specialist and information technology professional with over thirty years experience in this field. In 2018 I founded the first web development company that offers accessible websites to South Australian schools.

I have several years experience in the public sector. Previously, I have acted in web development positions for six different government departments, including more recently for the Department for Education. Having gained intimate knowledge of the education section, I started my own web development company, Edu Net Solutions, in 2018 to provide superior support to schools.

Last year, through my company, I developed the first accessible educational website in South Australia Whyalla Special Education Centre in 2019, and for that achievement, the centre was a finalist in the Australian Centre of Web Accessibility’s awards.

Kirio Crespo photo
To achieve this milestone, I worked with Vision Australia’s Digital Access Team to ensure that the template I developed for schools’ websites met Vision Australia’s Statement of Accessibility to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

My commitment to web accessibility is second to none. I’m proud to say that every school website I have developed since the launch of my first accessible website is also WCAG 2.0 compliant. No other web development organisation, private or public, in South Australia, or Australia wide in fact, has been able to achieve such feat so far!

I believe collaboration is the key to achieving digital accessibility. In the past, I have actively contributed feedback and offered support to key agencies. For example, I contributed to the development of the South Australian Government Accessibility Policy and Toolkit launched on the 16th May 2019. I believe that web accessibility is about people, not guidelines.

At a personal level, I’m a fitness fanatic and I enjoy working out as often as I can. When I’m not working out, I enjoy relaxing at home watching a movie.

Lately I have developed a keen interest on e-commerce. I believe the future of shopping in online, after all, who doesn’t enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own home. In 2020, I created several e-commerce stores, which I hope they grow over time. I’m excited about the future ahead and look forward to it.

Kirio Crespo