Website support maintenance plans for schools

Our maintenance plans have been carefully designed to cater for all schools’ types. However, we are flexible about uploads limits, we will never turn down a request.

At Edu Net Solutions we don’t believe in complicated uploads schemes that are hard to keep track of, just send us your requests and we’ll process them.

Remote and local updates to your website are guaranteed to be performed quickly and within hours of request.


Your Plan

Disk Space

Disk Space




Email Accounts



Basic Support

Suitable for Preschools

uNlimeted plans and Reports

10 documents

2 images 

60 minutes of changes

$39 admin fee


per year

Regular Support

suitable for primary schools

unlimited plans and reports

22 documents

12 images

120 minutes of changes

(text based changes)

No admin fee


per year


suitable for  Large schools

unlimited documents

unlimited documents

unlimited changes

38 images

             No admin fee


per year

Additional uploads outside these plans are charged at $20.00 per document, $30.00 per image file or $120.00 an hour plus gst.