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Last Tuesday, the 27th August 29 2019, I returned to my alma mater at the Flinders University of South Australia. But this time I stood at the front of the next generation of web developers to give a presentation on web accessibility. My presentation concentrated on sharing what it is like to be develop accessible websites in the private sector.

Since the South Australian Government launched its Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit on 16th May, Edu Net Solutions has launched several school accessible websites. We are proud to be the first web development in South Australia company offering accessible websites to schools.

There have been many great advances in web development since the inception of the Internet and these developments have made it possible for us to create connections across the world. Digital accessibility is now a crucial step towards us ensuring that all members of our community can access the web and make their contributions.

Social inclusion is the heart of my company and I’m happy to share my experiences with up and coming developers and hopefully inspire them to join the accessibility movement and use their talent to make the web more accessible.

Stay tuned for up and coming news!

Written by Kirio Crespo
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