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A little over three months ago, the Government of South Australia launched its the South Australian Government launched its Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit. This policy aims to make all public-facing government websites accessible to everyone, including websites for schools. Sadly, schools haven’t been told about this important and groundbreaking policy.

Some web development companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge by continuing to offer inaccessible websites, completely ignoring state government policy.

Schools should demand to be told about this policy to avoid procuring a website that does not adhere to the new accessibility policy.

If you are a principal or school leader, I give you this advice. Sooner rather than later you will need to develop an accessible website. So it is cost-effective to have this conversation with your developer now because you will save money and will avoid wasting the time and resources of your staff. A huge plus! We understand that many of you are already so busy meeting the everyday demands of your running your schools.

At Edu Net Solutions, honesty is at the core of our business. We put people first because inaccessible websites ignore 20% of the population. We take the time to explain to our clients why their websites need to be accessible and we develop websites that comply with government guidelines and policy.

I praise the Small Schools Association of South Australia for their curiosity regarding this policy. I look forward to meeting with them and explaining web accessibility to them in the coming weeks.

If your school or organisation wants to know about the new accessibility policy and how it would impact your school’s website, give us a call.

Written by Kirio Crespo

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