Does your website comply with web development standards and guidelines? Part 2

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Developing accessible websites for the vision impaired is a complex and time-consuming process achieved from two perspectives: web publishing and programmatic. A web publisher is responsible for web publishing and this includes preparing documents, such as Portable Format Documents (PDFs), which are now standard for document publishing. Creating accessible documents of this format is time-consuming and requires specialised training.

Meanwhile, the web developer is responsible for the programmatic component and they do this by following the implementation program written by a web manager. In order to create an accessible website programmatically, the developer needs to write specific code for several web elements, another time-consuming task. One key task is to write or modify all page elements so that they are available to the vision impaired.

One simple but effective accessibility test is the colour contrast test is The Bureau of Internet Accessibility colour contrast tool. This simple colour contrast test can be carried out by anyone and must be applied to all pages of a website. So, if you have already engaged a web development company to develop your website, you can simply confirm if they are following web accessibility guidelines and standards by running this test. There are also other accessibility tests; however, these need to be conducted by a trained professional.

Since it’s inception, Edu Net Solutions has been known for adhering to the highest web development standards as well as the web accessibility guidelines for the vision impaired. My team focuses on taking care of the programmatic side of web accessibility making sure each page passes the colour-contrast test as well as other development standards. In our next blog and by request, we will take our commitment to support web accessibility by providing clear instructions outlining how to create accessible documents.

We strongly believe that content must play a central role in every website and visual effects should be used cleverly and appropriately. It is true that large government organisations have large budgets to employ several professionals to cover every web development facet; however web development guidelines must be followed regardless and you can start today by simply running the colour-contrast test.

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