Edu Net Solutions Launches First School Accessible Website Since Policy Release

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The Edu Net Solutions team and I are celebrating yet another significant milestone this week with the launch of Whyalla Special Education Centre website. This is the first school accessible website in the state to be published since the South Australian’s government released its Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit!

The website not only adheres to the Department for Education web development guidelines for schools but also complies with the new online accessibility policy and toolkit.

The website platform we have developed for schools and used for the Whyalla Special Education Centre website achieved Level AA accessibility compliance several weeks ago. This ensures that the Centre’s website and any other we develop is and will be accessible to all members of the community.

It’s worth highlighting that even though the new accessibility policy and toolkit is a South Australian government initiative, the toolkit contains resources are gathered from several organizations around the world specializing in web accessibility. This means that the guidelines can be applied to all websites types regardless.

We invite you to test Whyalla Special Education Centre’s website without a mouse by tabbing through it, or you can test it using a screen reader which you can access from the South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit website. Documents on the policy page have been tagged too.

If you are a school, a public institution or just want to have an inclusive and accessible website, get in touch with us today.

From now on all schools’ and government related websites will be developed using the accessibility policy.

We will be launching other websites, including those of schools, in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Written by Kirio Crespo

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