Edu Net Solutions launches the most accessible school website in South Australia

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Edu Net Solutions is proving yet again to be a truly innovative company by launching this week the most accessible school website in South Australia to date.

During my employment at the Department for Education and later privately, I had the opportunity to inspect hundreds of school websites and identified widespread and significant accessibility issues. Now, after conducting this research, I can confidently say that Padthaway Primary School website is by far the most CMS based accessible website for vision impaired users.

What is different about it? Programmatically, when a user clicks on the links of the main section on every page, the link’s background turns a different colour and this denotes that they have been selected. This occurs with all links, including those of documents, external links, phone numbers and email addresses.

Other key features include all information pertaining to a document, such as its name, type and size, reside on the same line. There is also no animation or effects.

Last but not least, every single page passes The Bureau of Internet Accessibility colour contrast tool. These are just a small sample of the several features that have been implemented programmatically.

We’re also proud to announce that from today we’re offering Node.js development for robust and high performing sites, conducted by Scott O’Connor. Scott has several years of website development experience in Federal Government.

At Edu Net Solutions we strive to create inclusive websites because truly modern sites must be developed with all members of the community in mind. Stay tuned, as we are just getting started!

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