First Preschool Accessible Website in South Australia

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Two weeks after launching the first accessible school website in South Australia Edu Net Solutions achieves another milestone by launching today the first Preschool accessible website Seaford K-7 Preschool Campus.

Just like Whyalla Special Education Centre, it adheres to the Department for Education web development guidelines for schools and The South Australian Online Accessibility Policy.

Edu Net Solutions is fully committed to supporting schools achieve accessibility. We develop websites that are inclusive and adhere to the South Australian Government’s policy.

We are currently working towards the next significant milestones. We are developing several new websites and are on target to launch the first Aboriginal/Anangu school website in South Australia in the few coming weeks. Then we aim to launch the first accessible primary and high school websites. These are big projects, but we are committed to our mission.

If you are a school principal and want to make your school’s website accessible to all members of the community, give us a call. Private and interstate schools are welcome too.

Stay tuned!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cliff Edwards from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and Neil King from Vision Australia, for your support. I look forward to seeing you both this Thursday.

Written by Kirio Crespo

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