Has Your School Heard The News?

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Last week Edu Net Solutions launched the Small Schools Association of South Australia’s website (SSASA). This complies with the South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy, meaning it was built to be accessible for all members of our community, including people with disabilities.

Before the launch, I explained to the SSASA that their new website was accessible and compliant with the new policy. They were grateful and pleased, but they shared with me that they did not know about the policy; no one had informed them of this major change. While the policy was launched only very recently, schools deserve to be informed and the SSASA took the initiative by inviting me to give presentation to their leaders. I will be doing this in a few weeks time and during this talk, I will explain what the policy is and why it is important for all schools to have accessible websites.

I strongly urge South Australian schools to take the time out and explore the new policy and in particular, the accessibility toolkit before commissioning a new website, otherwise they will face the painful and expensive task of having their website redeveloped sooner or later so that it is compliant.

If your school has recently commissioned a new website but was not informed about the new accessibility policy, as a Principal or School Leader, you should demand this new website be made accessible. Similarly, if your school’s new website was launched after 16 May 2019 and you are not sure whether or not it is accessible, give us a call, as we would love to help you by carrying out a free accessibility check.

But if you truly want peace of mind, commission us to develop an accessible and compliant website for your school.

Written by Kirio Crespo

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