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South Australian government is leading the country in digital accessibility and the Edu Net Solutions team is proudly supporting this movement.

Two days ago we launched the first accessible school website that complies with the South Australian Government’s Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit.

Thanks to this new policy all the essential resources and information are available to help all web developers and designers create accessible websites. In my opinion, there is now no reason why all schools and educational organisations shouldn’t have an inclusive website.

The South Australian Minister for Human Services, Michelle Lensink, said it is critical government that websites are developed to ensure no one is left behind:

‘It is vital that online content is accessible for those most in need and is also helps breakdown barriers for people with disability and allows them to participate independently in the community’ (Quote Source)

In a previous blog, I explained the Impact of inaccessible school materials on parents with disabilities. School websites need to be inclusive so that all members of the school community can access them.

For these reasons and more, I strongly urge principals to make digital accessibility a priority. I encourage them to be pro-active and demand from their chosen web developer that they maintain best industry practices by developing an accessible website for their school.

We are here to support schools too. To help schools during this transition, we are offering free accessibility checks for the first twelve schools who contact us. Their website must have been built in the past 12 months.

To request this check, just click on the link below and include your name, contact details and your school’s URL.

Our 12 free accessibility checks was reached. Thanks to all participating schools.

In the meanwhile, if your school is looking for an experienced web developer that specialises in developing accessible websites and provides superior support, contact us today.

Written by Kirio Crespo

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