The Next Step in The Evolution of Web Design Has Arrived!

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Four sets of hands clapping evolution of web design

Last week the South Australian Government took a groundbreaking step towards achieving digital accessibility by launching The Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit This policy requires that all public-facing government websites be accessible. This now means that accessibility will be a common feature in South Australia. Edu Net Solutions was involved in the development of the policy, and we are proud to say we were the only web development company in Adelaide to do so.

The policy and toolkit contain fantastic resources, which help us to better understand web accessibility and its importance. Now everything we need to know about accessibility, including how to create accessible content, can be found in one place, whereas in the past we had to access several sites to gather this knowledge.

Based on this policy, Edu Net Solutions has created a fully accessible platform suitable for governmental and educational websites, especially for public and private schools and almost two weeks ago, this platform achieved Level AA Accessibility Compliance from Vision Australia.

If you are a public or private school and want a fully compliant website that includes all members of society, please contact us.

Once again, we congratulate the South Australian Government for achieving this extraordinary milestone.

Written by Kirio Crespo

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