The Next Step In the Evolution of Web Design is Almost Here

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Back in January 2019 I wrote a post, called The Next Step in the Evolution of Web Design, which outlined the major developments in web design since its inception.

I have been lucky to witness the creation and development of the Internet and related technologies ever since I studied Computer Science in 1989.

I remember when I created my first web page. It was just a paragraph with two headings, an ordered list and an unordered list using a monochrome monitor. It was an incredible achievement for me at the time, but little I did know that there was so much more to come …

Fast forward the clock 30 years, and the Internet has become a pivot of our lives, and we now carry out almost every conceivable activity with devices – mind-blowing technology has enabled us to do things that I simply couldn’t imagined back then.

However, despite these amazing achievements, some members of our community have been neglected; people with disabilities have not been not been afforded the same opportunity to access the Internet – something that has been overlooked for too long. Fortunately, this is about to change, with the introduction of web accessibility policy in our state, which will ensure that we do the right thing by people with disabilities and comply with Commonwealth and State anti-discrimination and disability legislation.

At Edu Net Solutions, we have committed much time and considerable resources in preparing for the next stage in the evolution of web design. On 30-April-2019 we achieved Level AA Accessibility Compliance. We are striving to be one of the most progressive web design companies, serving both public and private schools, government agencies and ultimately the private sector.

We will be making a special announcement next week, so stay tuned!

Written by Kirio Crespo

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