The Next Step in the Evolution of Web Design

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One of my favourite pastimes is reading and I especially enjoy reading about history. If I find an article that combines my two passions, history and information technology, I make sure to read it.

Recently a remarkable and well-researched article by Jo Jung in The Conversation, an online magazine, grabbed my attention. In this article, Jung describes the evolution of web design from its inception up until to today.

Jung discusses all the web design milestones throughout the years and even includes a link to the very first web page ever made, which looks remarkably similar to the first web page I ever made back in the mid 1990s.

Other milestones include the development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and flat design.

While the history of web development fascinated me, what I grabbed my attention the most was Jung’s concluding statements regarding the future of web design:

“The future of web design is no longer about what we can do, but rather about what we should do. That means being considerate about how design can affect the people who use it, and designing websites that result in positive experiences for users.”

In my opinion, Jung’s statements highlight the main reason why web accessibility is necessary; we, web developers and information technologists, should make accessible websites, as this will result in positive experiences not just for some users, but for all, especially people with disabilities.

Web accessibility is the next step in the evolution of web design I believe. We need to take responsibility and shift our mindset.

At Edu Net Solutions, we take pride in being one of the most progressive web development companies not only in South Australia but also in the entire country, as web accessibility is a central focus in the development of our websites. We aim to create positive web experiences for all members of the community.

South Australia is about to take a huge step in this direction, Edu Net Solutions will be there with it. Stay tuned!

Please read Jo Jung’s fantastic article

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