What Makes a Website ‘Good’?

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During the past few weeks I have read several articles on Website Development and advanced Web Accessibility. There are several factors ranging from “Prettiness”, speed, navigation, SEO and Google Analytics, to make a few. I believe all these and more play a very important role to make a website not only good but effective, modern and fit for purpose.

I went through several blogs, websites and articles. The large majority of the information out there focused on looks, in particular images and animation. I’m aware that users want more images and video as technology and streaming speeds now allow it, I do too.

A disturbing number of articles recommended to have as much animation as possible to grab the human eye, this technique was heavily used in the 90’s, the use of moving or overly animated text to convey latest news was used to the point of exhaustion (I’m glad that stopped, however you can still find websites that use that outdated technique). Professionally designed websites do not resort to such antiquated technique.

Today unwelcome animation plays a central role on several websites, but only on those designed by developers unaware of the WCAG 2.1. These practice is perpetuated by developers when applying animation to every website element under the sun to make clients believe that animation is what makes up a modern website or more advanced, sadly and to no fault of their own clients believe it. All users must be able to control website animation regardless.

Truly modern websites are those that include all members of society, in particular people with disabilities. It’s the law as the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requires it, and it is the right thing to do.

There are several factors that make a website effective, and ultimately ‘Good’. ‘Prettiness’ is subjective but all websites most be inclusive, meaning that they must be accessible to people with disabilities. At Edu Net Solutions, we believe that all websites must be designed to be inclusive, convey the organization’s narrative, highly technical and fit for purpose.

Big news to come in the near future regarding this topic, stay tuned!

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