When Are We Going To Start Making Our Schools Accessible?

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On 16th May 2019 the South Australian Government released its Online Accessibility Policy. This policy is for all public-facing government websites, including schools websites. This means ALL new public-facing websites launched after this date must be developed with this policy in mind.Several school websites have been launched since May, but sadly, most of these do not follow the policy and therefore, are non-compliant.

It seems to me that the South Australian community has yet to comprehend the significance of this new policy. In 2018 there were 4.4 million Australians living with disability This new policy is the first major step not just in our state but Australia wide to ensure that all members have equal access to the Internet. As a result, this policy has been praised nationally and internationally. Launching an inaccessible website doesn’t only disregard the South Australian Government’s accessibility policy but also overlooks the rights and needs of a large sector of South Australia’s population. In my opinion, that’s not OK. South Australians are lucky that we have such a great policy, which considers everyone.

At Edu Net Solutions we take social inclusion seriously. All of our websites launched after 16th May are compliant with the South Australian Government’s online accessibility policy and aims to include all members of our community.

So I ask, when are we going to start making our schools accessible?

If you are ready to take a bold step and start a brand new decade with a fully complaint and accessible website, contact us today.

Next week we’ll be launching our School Website Development Framework! aimed to make school websites accessible and incorporate their requirements. Stay Tuned!

Written by Kirio Crespo
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