Is Web Accessibility Necessary?

by Dec 10, 2018Web Accessibility0 comments

Earlier this year I met with a potential client and during our chat the subject of accessibility came up and I found myself explaining why my team and I strive to build accessible websites. After explaining that all modern websites need to be accessible, I was told ‘it is not necessary’. This mindset is common: many web developers also think along similar lines and choose to completely overlook the accessibility standards.

The Bureau of Internet Accessibility recently published an article called ‘Common Web Accessibility Myths’, which aims to dispel the most common accessibility myths, especially in regards to the people who use accessible websites. To me, the most important misconceptions addressed are ‘People with disabilities don’t use computers’ and ‘Accessibility only benefits blind people’. As incredible as it seems, I have encountered these very often.

Luckily, once we explain to our clients that accessibility is important for everyone because it improves usability for everyone, most quickly understand and embrace it. However, an alarmingly large number of people believe is not important. Yes, it is challenging and may take longer to develop than ‘normal’ sites but it’s the right thing to do.

Web accessibility is not just aimed to people with disabilities but also improves search engine optimization Why do you think? Is web accessibility necessary? Please comment below.

Meanwhile, you can read the Bureau’s article

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