New Online Accessibility Policy by South Australian Government

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Last week I found out that the South Australian Government is developing an online accessibility policy, which aims to outline the accessibility requirements for all content and programming aspects of the government’s presence online.

Initially, this policy will apply to all SA Government online applications, including websites available to the public. Later, it looks like that may guide the development of school websites. Personally, I think the government’s approach is fantastic, as most school websites are currently inaccessible. By defining clear guidelines, web developers will be able to develop accessible websites properly and with confidence.

I was introduced to web accessibility while working at the Department for Education some years back and I came to understand that truly modern websites must be accessible to everyone, including the vision impaired.

Now, this understanding stands as a pillar of my business. At Edu Net Solutions, we strive to develop accessible websites for schools.

With well-defined guidelines for the public and private sector, we will move steadily towards making accessible website for all.

Ultimately, I aim to help businesses meet accessibility standards through standards developed by the government of South Australia. Hopefully we can establish a set of accessibility standards for the public and private sector alike.

In my blog, Why web accessibility is good for business, I explained in detail how business can greatly benefit from web accessibility.

I will be closely following this fantastic initiative by the South Australian Government.

We will extend the same web accessibility standards to our clients in overseas

Well done Cliff!

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